About Dr. Revana

At North Houston Zerona Laser Center, Dr. Madaiah Revana helps patients achieve their ideal bodies with powerfully effective, non-invasive laser treatments. With a comfortable and welcoming office in Humble, Texas, the practice is the only one in the area that offers the Zerona system.

This revolutionary procedure can eliminate unwanted fat without the pain or side effects associated with other methods. With a background as a cardiologist, Dr. Revana combines personalized medical supervision and the advanced technology necessary to design the ideal body.

For some people, problem areas like the hips, thighs, or buttocks may not respond to even the strictest of diets or exercise programs. The Zerona system solves all of these problems by disrupting and shrinking the abnormal fat cells.

As a lasting solution to unwanted fat, the Zerona system can sculpt and shape perfect contours. Without painful side effects or a long recovery time, patients can quickly get back to their lives with newfound confidence and a sense of pride in their bodies.

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