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Madaiah Revana, MD

Cosmetic Specialist located in Humble, TX

Do you have excess arm flab that won’t budge? At North Houston Zerona Laser Center, Dr. Madaiah Revana can help you tone and firm this problem area with Zerona laser technology. With a comfortable and welcoming office in Humble, Texas, the practice’s team provides non-invasive body sculpting for individuals who want to shed excess fat quickly and safely. To get started, book an appointment online or call the office today.

Flabby Arms Q & A

What causes flabby arms?

Even if you exercise and eat right, it’s still possible to develop flabby arms, which are sometimes referred to as “chicken wings.” This is a problem area for many people, and it may be linked to low testosterone levels or other genetic factors that predispose you to having excess fat.

People who have lost a significant amount of weight might also experience flabby arms, or loose skin. You can target the underarm muscles with certain exercises, but Zerona laser treatments for arm flab offer faster results when combined with a balanced diet and strength-building.

What is the treatment for arm flab?

Dr. Revana uses the Zerona laser system to help individuals achieve more sculpted, firm arms. This non-invasive body contouring treatment penetrates the walls of fat cells so the body can break them down and eliminate them.

The Zerona laser system is especially helpful for stubborn fat underneath the arms, but it’s also effective on the hips, thighs, or buttocks.

What happens at my appointment?

A Zerona laser treatment is painless and fast. You lie on a table underneath the specialized lasers, which Dr. Revana positions near the target areas. Usually, you lie for about 20 minutes on your back, and then 20 minutes on your front.

When your session is finished, you can immediately get back to your normal activities. Six sessions over a two-week period is recommended, but you may see results after your first treatment.  

What results can I expect?

Some patients notice results from the Zerona laser treatment after just one session. You’ll see the full benefits after the recommended six sessions over two weeks. Your arms will appear more toned, and excess fat is replaced with firm tissue and smooth skin.

As long as you maintain your weight and don’t reintroduce new fat cells into your body, the results from Zerona laser treatment can last for years. It’s a safe and effective method for arm flab that provides outstanding results with zero recovery time.

To learn more about Zerona laser treatment, call the office to schedule a personalized consultation or book an appointment online.