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Do love handles make you self-conscious about wearing tight clothing? At North Houston Zerona Laser Center, Dr. Madaiah Revana can help you resolve this common cosmetic problem with non-invasive laser body contouring. With a comfortable office in Humble, Texas, Dr. Revana is the only physician in the area to offer the Zerona system, which safely and effectively eliminates fat without surgery. Call today to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online.

Love Handles Q & A

What causes love handles?

Love handles are areas of fat that accumulate around the hips or lower abdomen. They are a byproduct of having excess fat, which happens when you take in more calories than you burn.

Everyone stores fat differently, but the waist is a problem area for many people. You might be more likely to develop love handles if you have imbalanced hormones or a diet high in fat and sugar.

Waist and abdominal fat are also more common as you age, and it can indicate a medical condition, like metabolic syndrome or hypothyroidism.

Are love handles dangerous?

Love handles indicate excess fat, which can always pose a risk to your overall health. Abdominal fat is linked to high blood pressure, too much “bad” cholesterol, and increases the likelihood of heart disease.

Some people might have a genetic predisposition to love handles. For others, they’re a stubborn problem that won’t go away with diet or exercise.

Laser treatment for love handles can not only improve your health but can give you the confidence boost that comes with having a toned and shapely body.

How are love handles treated?

Dr. Revana uses the Zerona laser system to treat love handles and other areas of excess fat. This powerful, non-invasive procedure disrupts the membranes — or protective outer coating — of fat cells, causing them to empty their fatty contents. The body then naturally eliminates these cells for good.

The Zerona system is effective on love handles, under the arms, the buttocks, or the thighs. In addition to removing excess fat, the lasers help to tighten and tone the underlying tissue and skin.

What results can I expect with treatment?

With the Zerona laser procedure, love handles treatment is fast, painless, and incredibly effective. Most people need about six treatments over the course of two weeks.

Since the treatment permanently destroys fat cells, your results last a lifetime. The only thing that can interfere with your new and improved shape is weight gain, which introduces new fat cells into your body.

To discover how Zerona laser treatment can smooth out your love handles and give you a flat, toned abdominal region, call or book a consultation online today.